Moshe Salem, President of the Los Angeles Diamond Club West Coast

Mission Statement

• To foster the interests of the diamond industry

• To promote and develop fraternal and educational activities and just and equitable principles in trade

• To eliminate abuses and unfair trade practices within or affecting the industry

• To produce uniformity in the conduct of the business ethic

• To cooperate with governmental agencies and others in the creation and maintenance of the instrumentalities conductive to improving ethical and economic conditions in the industry

• To provide arbitration tribunals to adjust differences and controversies between our members

• To carry on the activities and objects of our organization in accordance with the laws of the State of California and the United States of America

Letter from the President

DCWC is an affiliate of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB), the apex organization of diamond dealers and manufacturers of the world. Our members have the best reputation in our business community and are pledged to uphold the highest standards of business ethics.

Our industry has undergone major changes during the past few years. On the retail side the internet, big boxes and discounters have induced the independents to reinvent their business. Most have succeeded by creating a niche in their product collections, and working closely within their communities to leverage relationships built over generation: Similarly, our members have focused on their strengths. They carry substantial inventories and offer you superior service from offices located in your communities. They have demonstrated the benefit of working closely with the local businesses and have become the vendor partners of choice. they have a long term view and can provide the retailers with the personal attention that a global distributor cannot.

I would like to extend an open invitation to our business colleagues to join our organization. We are an active group whose mission is to share our abilities to collectively help each other. We are focused on helping our members increase sales through networking and marketing service providers, and improve profits by sharing credit issues. We offer our members binding arbitration conducted by peers; thus ensuring that they have a just recourse in their dealings with the thousands of members of WFDB located in the major diamond trading centers of the world. DCWC has gained momentum by drawing on the capabilities of our members to help others. Our membership has grown by double digits during these challenging times. Together, we will be best prepared to take advantage of the business turnaround that many feel will come this year. Please contact me or any of our members to learn more.

Nikhil Jhaveri

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