Services and Benefits

Join us at our complimentary monthly lunches where we always have interesting guests and speakers. Whether its members of our Police Department, Laboratory representatives, Banking officials or others we always make your luncheon informative.

Join us every Wednesday Morning for Breakfast and Discussions about the latest trends in the industry.

Should you have any issues or problems with any other member, we have a special committee that will arbitrate and mediate so that an amicable solution can be found.

Tuesday & Thursday free shipping to and from GIA Carlsbad via Malca Amit

Wednesdays free shipping to and from AGS via Malca-Amit

Use the club premises to do trading at no extra charge.

Our very active Social Committee organizes fun and educational events on a regular basis. Get to meet new suppliers and customers at our regularly organized events.

We are in the midst of planning a state of the art Technology Center that will be available for use by our members.

EGL Los Angeles 10% discount

Discounts at Transguardian.

JCK, Las Vegas. We have access to hard to find booths that we offer to our members

We regularly email and inform our members of undesirables within our industry. This list is useful as it offers you the opportunity of being selective when dealing with others.

Being a member of our organization offers you the opportunity of easy access to any of the 30 Diamond Bourse around the world

Automatically become a member of the WFDB (World Federation of Diamond Bourse)

and more...

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